SCI FI and Tapping: "Sanctuary" Is All New

Emilie Ullerup as Ashley Magnus, Amanda Tapping as Helen Magnus, Robin Dunne as Will Zimmerman of "Sanctuary"

SCI FI WIRE’s Ian Spelling talked recently with Amanda Tapping about her new series Sanctuary, which will be making its television debut this fall on the Sci Fi Channel. Tapping represented her new show, for which she is starring and executive producing, at the channel’s Up Front event in New York held earlier this month.

The show already has a ready-made fan base thanks to its web-based predecessor, an eight-episode season that was made available for purchased downloads in May last year. Tapping did say, however, that the 13-episode first season of the television show will be significantly different, starting with the making of a new pilot for the series, created by Damian Kindler and co-written by Martin Wood, two Stargate veterans. “The fact is it’s already evolving. Our pilot that we’re now going to start shooting is very different from what you’ve seen on the Web.”

How significant the differences will be remains to be seen, but Tapping reassured her fans that her character Dr. Helen Magnus “is still this crazy character. She’s 157 years old, and she’s very eccentric and very sexy and very unapologetic. I love it.”

To read the full article, visit Sanctuary Is All New. Visit the web-based series’ homepage at Sanctuary for All.

ETA: A follow-up story was published by SCI FI: Sanctuary‘s Tapping Also Producer.


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  1. Sounds Interesting looking foward to watching the pilot….good crew working on this show. Good Luck

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