Sci Fi Channel Launches "The Ark of Truth" Webpage

The Ark of Truth Header at the Sci Fi Channel

Just as it has homepages for Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, the Sci Fi Channel’s website has opened a webpage specifically for Robert C. Cooper’s Stargate: The Ark of Truth, scheduled for its world premiere on DVD on March 11 in North America. The webpage is currently designed to come before the user goes to Stargate Atlantis‘s homepage, but that will most likely change after the DVD’s release.

The new webpage includes a new trailer, a three-part featurette on full-body burn stunts, and a few clips on the filming of Teal’c’s trek across the Plains of Celestis (part of the finished footage is included in the trailer). Also, Sci Fi has included an exclusive stills gallery and a link to Fox’s Stargate Hub website for ordering the DVD.

The Sci Fi Channel is also due to show a one-minute exclusive sneak peek of the movie during the airing of the season finale of Stargate Atlantis this Friday, March 7. Tune in at 10pm Eastern for the episode “The Last Man”.


  • You might be interested in reading about the full-body burn test that Joseph Mallozzi wrote about in his personal blog. Visit Solutions Blog for a behind-the-scenes article about the history of these types of stunts on the show, as well as the one done for the new movie that Mallozzi wrote about (which is featured in the three-part documentary “If You Can’t Take the Heat” at the new website).