SCI FI WIRE: "Ark" Blew Browder Up

Cam Mitchell and Explosion ("The Ark of Truth")

For those who have seen Robert C. Cooper’s Stargate: The Ark of Truth, the fact that the production held onto the making of the fireball portion of the fight between Mitchell and Replicator Marrick for the end of the movie’s shooting should come at no surprise.

In a brief interview with Mike Szymanski at SCI FI WIRE, Browder explained, “You’ll look at the production schedule and see it’s the last shot, and you’ll look at it and you’ll go, ‘Oh, they’re worried about this.’ That’s because if I got fully fried and lost all of my hair or other body parts, they could whack something together for the next movie.”

All joking aside, the stunt was dangerous, and the production had a great respect for that. “I think it may have been more scary for production [than for me],” Browder told Szymanski over the phone. “You know, it’s a big old ball of flame, and you have to trust that these guys know what they’re doing. And you do trust. … I [could] feel the heat. I know that, you know, my clothes come up smoking on the backside when you’re done with something like that.”

To read the full interview, visit Ark Blew Browder Up. For those interested in the making of the fight scenes, including the fireball stunt, check out the special feature on the DVD entitled Uncovering The Ark of Truth, featuring interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the movie.