SGA S5 Spoilers: "Ghost in the Machine"

5.05 “Ghost in the Machine”

Surviving human form Replicators wish to achieve ascension by uploading their consciousnesses into subspace to live indefinitely as fields of energy, but Atlantis is put into danger when their experiment yields some surprising results.


Told from Elizabeth Weir’s point of view, we learn that a group of Replicators have begun experimenting with ascension. The lead scientist, Koracen, claims he has found a way to preserve their individual consciousnesses indefinitely as fields of energy. The process involves uploading themselves into subspace where they’ll be free to roam the galaxy, no longer requiring their physical bodies, which are destroyed when the nanite bonds holding them together are severed in the final stage of the process.

This research is based on the description of ascension provided to them by Elizabeth Weir. She is present during the first demonstration of Koracen’s process, witnessing first-hand the blue energy that bolts down upon her fellow Replicator, dissolving the subject’s body. Quite possibly, the Replicators have achieved ascension!

But all experiments such as this have their drawbacks, and this experiment produces a most unexpected result: Those in Atlantis are surprised to find that the ghost of Elizabeth Weir lives on — in a new body that looks just like FRAN (Friendly Replicator ANdroid from “Be All My Sins Remember’d”)!

Guest Characters

  • Dr. Radek Zelenka (David Nykl)
  • FRAN (Michelle Morgan)
  • Koracen
  • Lia
  • Female Replicator


  • Written by Carl Binder
  • Directed by Ken Girotti

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