SGA S5 Spoilers: "Whispers"

5.07 “Whispers”

Sheppard and Beckett join Maj. Anne Teldy’s team on a planet with one of Michael’s research facilities for the early versions of his human-iratus hybrids concealed inside a cave system. Unfortunately, the explorers have a role in setting loose creatures that hunt down each of them as they get separated in a blinding fog.


Sheppard and Beckett are on their way to rendezvous with Maj. Anne Teldy’s team to see something of great interest. It’s a far walk to their destination from the Stargate, enough that Beckett complains that he’s not in shape for such a trek that included rappelling down the side of a mountain and walking through a forest. The two men compare their times in stasis pods and its effects on the body. Sheppard has Beckett beat, though, since he was in a pod for 800 years versus Beckett’s two months.

Maj. Teldy introduces Sheppard and Beckett to her team: Sgt. Dusty Wells, Capt. Alicia Vega, and Dr. Alison Porter. Once the group arrives at the destination inside a cave system, Beckett immediately recognizes it as a research facility that Michael used to create the early versions of his human-iratus hybrids. There are twelve people in stasis, but Beckett and Porter decide not to revive them until they understand their conditions first.

This kind of mission isn’t much fun for the members of the team who have no scientific interest in the discovery, but Beckett and Porter hit it off as they share in each new discovery. The two scientists request to stay the night so that they can read the records they’ve downloaded into their tablets, so Sheppard and Teldy start to make preparations in a nearby abandoned village. They meet a lone man from another village named Mirellus who was on a hunting trip when he saw them. He wanted to find out what they were doing there and to warn them about the village’s curse: villagers had begun disappearing about a year and a half ago, and eventually, the remaining villagers left because they felt that the village was cursed by some kind of creature.

Mirellus is an observant man, and he is aware that Sheppard came from the direction of the cave system, which he says is cursed by wild animals as well. But, what Mirellus stupidly does next puts everyone in tremendous danger as a blinding fog, which also affects flashlights and electronics, begins to pour in, and the team gets separated in it.

Guest Characters

  • Dr. Carson Beckett (Paul McGillion)
  • Maj. Anne Teldy
  • Dr. Alison Porter
  • Capt. Alicia Vega (Leela Savasta)
  • Sgt. Dusty Wells
  • Mirellus


  • Written by Joseph Mallozzi
  • Directed by William Waring