Shanks Talks Stargate and Science Fiction

Michael Shanks

In another interview conducted concerning the release of the first of two direct-to-DVD movies, Stargate: The Ark of Truth, Michael Shanks talked with Brooke Tarnoff not only about the movie, but also about his acting career in the sci-fi genre.

First off, Shanks described how the decision was made to make the two movies after word of the cancellation of Stargate SG-1 was received. “When the show was cancelled, our producers went right away to MGM and we have a great ally in Charlie Cohen there. He’s a fan of the show, which is a wonderful thing to have, somebody who enjoys the show’s success and monetary gain but also watches the show. It’s nice to have that person making financial decisions for you. Sometimes the financial decisions are influenced by the fact that he wants to see it too, so… The consolation prize when we were cancelled was ‘don’t worry, there’s this thing in the future, no promises, but we think this is probably going to happen.'”

That “thing,” of course, was the production of the two movies, about which Shanks was relieved to hear because he had heard of no plans for the dangling storyline to be addressed in Stargate Atlantis. He said, “If it had been left alone, I think been now I would be pretty choked about it, like a chapter of my life had been left unclosed.”

Now that the movies are done, there are still some Stargate stories left to tell that involve Dr. Daniel Jackson. “I’m booked for two guest spots for their mid-season two-parter over on Atlantis this year as just as guest. So Daniel Jackson will be visiting that world, which I think is going to be a lot of fun. In terms of what’s going to go on with the character in the franchise, I don’t know. I don’t know how much franchise is in the tank – I know there’s a another spin-off possibility [Stargate Universe]. I have no idea what the premise is of that, I’ve had no discussions.”

Shanks doesn’t balk at continuing to play in science fiction shows, even after having worked in Stargate for over a decade. “I think sci-fi’s a wonderful medium. I’ve had to read for several parts and come very close to several parts I’d have loved to get – there are certain parts that I read for that I don’t really care if I get them or not – but other parts I read for and I go, ‘why are you so jazzed about this?’ It’s basically sci-fi stuff.”

One of the parts Shanks auditioned for was in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and he was bummed out when he didn’t get it (the role went to Brian Austin Green). Still, Shanks hasn’t given up trying to get interesting sci-fi parts. “I guess I just like to be part of the things I like to watch, and those are the things I like to watch. Sci-fi is always going to be far and away some of the most interesting and imaginative stuff. It’s exciting to do, because it’s what I like to watch.”

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