Unreality SF Covers Upcoming Stargate Audio Dramas

Vala Mal Doran

Unreality SF interviewed James Swallow, one of the authors for Big Finish Production’s Stargate audio dramas. Each season of the series includes three stories each from Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. “They’re kind of a halfway house between a talking book and a full-cast audio drama,” Swallow explained, “similar in format of Big Finish’s Doctor Who: Companion Chronicles discs. Basically, we have two actors – one lead voice, one supporting voice – and the story is ‘told’ to you by the lead.”

Swallow has written other audio dramas, including those for Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, and Star Trek, among others. In the interview, he talked about his latest efforts in some of these “universes”.

For Stargate, Swallow revealed the plots for his upcoming season one dramas. “Shell Game is set in season ten of Stargate SG-1; it’s a Vala Mal Doran story, featuring Daniel Jackson. The plot involves Vala’s past coming back to bite her in the backside, when a crime she once committed is revealed to have a very serious consequence.

Dr. Radek Zelenka

Zero Point is set during season four of Stargate Atlantis; it’s a Radek Zelenka story, featuring a new character in the supporting role. The plot for this one has an alien force threatening to destroy everyone on Atlantis, and only Zelenka and the crew of the starship Apollo can stop it.

Shell Game stars Claudia Black and Michael Shanks, while Zero Point stars David Nykl. Also reprising their roles from SG-1 and Atlantis are Christopher Judge, Paul McGillion, Torri Higginson and Teryl Rothery. We’re prepping the next ‘season’ of stories now, and we hope to have more Stargate actors for those.”

Swallow also indicated that he’s already working on his next script, an SG-1 story called First Prime. “You can probably guess who’s going to be the lead character in that…”

Visit Unreality SF for the complete interview. Visit Big Finish Production’s Stargate homepage for more information about the audio plays for season one that are currently available for pre-order.


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    Just purchased the ARK OF TRUTH and watched it it was Great!!!! [EDITED FOR SPOILERS: Highlight to read: Lots of action the replicators are back in this movie. They are nastier than ever.The Ori being partially destroyed in season 10 are now wiped out you must see it it is great. ] the special features are also great they have the interview done at the comic con and some guy tried to sing to the actors man i was laughing. You guys will enjoy it. buy it.

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