Anderson: "Continuum" Like a Feature Film

Jack O

Stargate SG-1 star Richard Dean Anderson recently posted a note on his official website concerning his recovery from foot surgery and his return to his role as Jack O’Neill in Brad Wright’s Stargate: Continuum, the first of the stand-alone SG-1 movies being released directly to video.

Anderson closed his note with this mini-review of the movie: “Oh, and by the way, Brad sent me a copy of Continuum, and I must shout and tout the relative genius of both Mr. Wright and Mr. Wood. The darn thing looks, SOUNDS, and behaves like a feature film. I am soooo frickin’ proud of those guys. Talented and genuinely GOOD guys.”

To get a preview of Anderson’s return as Jack O’Neill, view the trailer below (this version is without the cheering fans):

The world premiere of the DVD (and Blu-ray HD) is July 29, 2008, in North America. There’s a tentative release for the UK set for sometime in August.