July's a Big Month for Stargate Fans

Although there have been no official announcements to-date, the buzz is that we might be seeing a lot of Stargate action this coming July with three special events:

  • July 8 – The release of Stargate Atlantis Season Four DVDs (North America). (According to TVShowsOnDVD.com).
  • July ?? – The premiere of Stargate Atlantis Season Five, “Search and Rescue”, written by Martin Gero and directed by Andy Mikita. (According to script coordinator Alex Levine in his scifi.com blog, which he later updated to take back his words because it hasn’t been made official by Sci Fi.)
  • July 29 – The release of Stargate: Continuum on DVD in North America, the first of the stand-alone SG-1 direct-to-DVD movies, written by Brad Wright and directed by Martin Wood. (According to TVShowsOnDVD.com).

Solutions will be sure to report it when these events are made official.


2 thoughts on “July's a Big Month for Stargate Fans”

  1. I think a lot of the DVD release stuff has to do with Comic Con being July 24-27. They finally noticed all the fan buzz there. I would think the DVD could/should be on sale there — it would sell like hotcakes!

  2. Yeah, Brad Wright had mentioned in his interview in the recent Official Magazine that they wanted to take advantage of the excitement at Comic Con this year. They even have another year of buses covered with ads.

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