SGA S5 Spoilers: "Tracker"

5.09 “Tracker”

Rodney, Ronon and Keller are visiting a familiar village when Keller is abducted by a man who forces her to go with him deep into the woods. It turns out he is Runner, and his presence has brought the Wraith to the village. He needs Keller to heal a young girl, the only survivor of another village in which he drew the Wraith. McKay and Ronon help the villagers then set out to rescue Keller, running into booby traps left by the Runner along the way.


While Ronon and McKay try to gather and help the villagers, Kiryk leads Keller on an hours-long trek through thick woods. She talks to him and he finally admits he is a Runner, a man implanted with a tracking device and used as a hunting challenge for Wraith. Keller that Ronon was once a Runner but no longer is; Kiryk is reluctant to believe her.

McKay and Ronon lead the villagers to caverns for safety, then set out to rescue Keller. Along the way Rodney steps on a tripwire, and Ronon has to save him from a nasty demise.

Kiryk and Keller finally reach their destination, a hidden cave far from the village. Inside are supplies and an unconscious 10-year old girl named Celise. She is the only survivor of a village on another planet that was completely culled by Wraith looking for Kiryk. The girl has a badly infected injury on her leg, and Kiryk wants Keller to treat her. Celise is so ill with infection that Keller is not sure she can save her with the supplies she carries. Kiryk practically begs Keller not to let her die, and Keller promises to do what she can.

Guest Characters

  • Kiryk
  • Erran
  • Celise


  • Written by Carl Binder
  • Directed by (TBD)