SGA S5 Spoilers: "Outsiders"


The Balarans are survivors of Michael’s release of the modified Hoffan drug and have joined the village of another planet as a place of refuge where Dr. Beckett is working in a clinic. They considered their survival as a blessing until they learn that the Wraith are on their way to their new homeworld to wipe them out.


The Balarans who survived the Hoffan plague that Michael released on their world have joined into another society on another planet. They have become friends and neighbors to the villagers, who are ruled by a Council and number about 600-700 people. Three of the Council are Elson, Jervis, and Renni. Two of the Balarans are Novo and Safaris.

The village has welcomed Dr. Carson Beckett and his work at the village’s clinic. He has shown nothing but kindness to both the villagers and the Balarans, those the Councillors call “outsiders”. Sheppard and his team visit the village to warn Beckett and the Council that a Wraith hive is on its way and to propose that the entire village evacuate to Atlantis for immediate safety and then relocate to a new world. Unfortunately, neither the “outsiders” nor the Council agree that leaving their homeworld is their best option.

Guest Characters

  • Dr. Carson Beckett (Paul McGillion)
  • Jervis
  • Elson
  • Novo (female)
  • Renni (female, 30s)
  • Safaris (male)
  • Male Wraith
  • Wraith Commander


  • Written by Alan McCullough
  • Directed by (TBD)