SGA S5: Welcome Back to Atlantis, Dr. Jackson

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Michael Shanks was back at Bridge this week to film scenes for his two-episode appearance in Season Five of Stargate Atlantis. Dr. Daniel Jackson finally gets a well-deserved visit to the city that he discovered and do some research about the Atlantian Ancient Janus, the man who built a time machine out of a Puddle Jumper 10,000 years ago (“Before I Sleep”).

Dr. Jackson’s visit to Atlantis coincides with some interesting revelations about others who live in the Pegasus Galaxy. Both episodes of the two-parter (“First Contact” and “The Lost Tribe”) are written by Martin Gero and directed by Andy Mikita.

Apparently, being back on set to reprise his role was just like old times for Shanks and the crew as executive producer and co-showrunner Joseph Mallozzi reported in his weblog. Mallozzi says that he’s often asked what an actor is “like to work with” and shares his conclusion:

Who IS a pleasure to work with and who ISN’T? Well, the best way to find out is to query the people they work with. And I’m not talking about actors or directors or producers. I’m referring to those unsung heroes of the industry, the men and women who spend their every working day in their company. I’m referring to the crew, the people who make it all happen on-set and, in so doing, have to put up with that demanding actor, that quick-tempered director, or that overbearing producer with a disquieting penchant for karaoke and orange creamsicles. They, better than anyone, know what’s what. And they, unlike most, can’t be accused of having an axe to grind. They call ’em as they see ’em. I bring up this topic because Michael Shanks was in yesterday, shooting his scenes for the mid-season two-parter and the crew was Thrilled (note the capital T) to have him back. Apparently, Marty G. came across Michael holding court on set, exchanging anecdotes and happy memories with an appreciative gathering of familiar faces from his days on SG-1. Yep. How actors, directors, and producers gets along with/are respected by their crew will pretty much tell you all you need to know. FYI.

Stargate Atlantis is scheduled to premiere July 11 at 10pm ET/PT on the Sci Fi Channel. If episodes are shown every Friday from that date, “First Contact” will premiere on September 12.