Wright: Third Movie "an O'Neill Story"

Stargate‘s co-creator and executive producer Brad Wright recently talked with GateWorld about his next SG-1 movie script. “For me, an SG-1 movie should include O’Neill. That’s how I feel about Stargate. [The third Stargate movie] is an O’Neill story, and I would include as many of our cast as we could, both financially and in terms of availability.”

Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O'NeillActor availability is a concern for Wright in filming his movie, which he, along with Robert C. Cooper, has already pitched to MGM and to Richard Dean Anderson. “These are talented people,” Wright said in referring to all of the core cast members. “They may well not be available at our beck and call when the next time we want to make a movie. And that’s what happens.”

Considering the scheduling difficulties Cooper experienced with Julian Sands and Morena Baccarin in the filming of Stargate: The Ark of Truth (these two actors were only available for one day), Wright’s concerns are indeed understandable. Christopher Judge has written a movie script, Rage of Angels, that was recently bought by MGM, and he is set to star in it. Production company partner Michael Shanks is also involved with the movie and has been tapped to star as well. This movie script was originally written for television, but now has to be updated for the big screen. A pilot will also be produced to bring the story to series.

Amanda Tapping is one of the executive producers and stars of the new Sci Fi Channel show Sanctuary, which won’t complete filming until September 11 this year. Continuum director Martin Wood is also producing, writing, and directing the new show, but Wright hasn’t yet announced who will be the director of his new film.

Ben Browder is also writing and producing a new mini-series for the Sci Fi Channel, called Going Homer, and he recently expressed interest in the new webisodes for Farscape that will be shown on the SciFi.com website. Claudia Black has moved to LA and is actively seeking roles in network programs, the latest of which is her appearance in CBS’s Moonlight (see her episode this Friday, May 16, at 9:00 PM ET/PT). And veteran actor Beau Bridges is never out of work, his most recent project being the feature film Max Payne.

Despite being busy with all of these new projects, the core cast members have expressed on numerous occasions that they would gladly return to do more SG-1 movies. After the impressive sales figures for Stargate: The Ark of Truth, they feel that making more movies is a given.

Even with possible cast scheduling obstacles, Wright is optimistic, “But you know what? They have a good time when they come, and I think these guys had a good time making Continuum. Is it likely we’ll ever get them all again? That’s kind of unlikely just because of the math. But our core folks, I will move heaven and earth to get them if I can.”


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2 thoughts on “Wright: Third Movie "an O'Neill Story"”

  1. Much as I loved Jack in the first 3 seasons of the show, I haven’t cared for the way the character was diminished by the comedy “Jack’s a bit thick” angle that became so endemic over following seasons. While I freely acknowledge the enduring popularity of this original character and his unique place in Stargate’s history, an “O’Neill story” holds little appeal for me personally.

    My preferred team dynamic is Daniel, Sam, Teal’c and Jack in seasons 1-3, and Daniel, Vala, Sam, Cam and Teal’c in seasons 9-10.

    I would infinitely prefer to see a movie that included Daniel and Vala. If Daniel were not part of it, then I might be lured in to see a Vala/Jack antagonistic dynamic. Without Daniel and/or Vala, I’ll likely skip this one.

    I’d happily tune in to a movie that just had Daniel and Vala, or just had Daniel and Sam, or just had Sam and Teal’c, or Sam and Vala, or Cam and Sam or Cam and Daniel, or any other combination thereof of our current team.

  2. Brad Wright probably would have been happy if Claudia Black had never joined Stargate SG-1 and Vala didn’t manage to become a favourite character to really big group of viewers. After reading the original article at GW it’s pretty obvious that he deliberately didn’t mention Claudia at all and has absolutely no intention to invite her to the next Stargate movie. Fine, this particular viewer being not Stargate fan, but Claudia Black’s fan, is not interested in any Stargate movie without Vala in it.

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