Atlantis in Filming Hiatus

The cast and crew who are filming Season Five of Stargate Atlantis have begun their annual filming hiatus, a month off during the filming season that runs from February through September this year.

The writers and producers are also out of the office, but they are continuing to work on scripts and mixes for the thirteen episodes filmed thus far (all the way to “Outsiders”). They’ve got all twenty episodes slotted, but not all of them have names. Our Season Five index has information and spoilers about each of these episodes.

As far as filming the rest of the season goes, there is the possibility of being impacted by the strike the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) might go on if their contracts are not successfully negotiated by the end of this month. Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi indicated in his weblog that five of the six actors in the main cast are SAG members who would be obligated to stop work if a strike takes place. Visit The Hollywood Reporter: Strike Zone for a history and current status of the negotiations.

As far as what the actors will be doing during their time off, there isn’t much we can report except that David Hewlett is getting married, and he and his sister Kate Hewlett will conduct An Audience with the Hewletts at the London Thistle Hotel, Longford Village, England, on June 28.

Other convention appearances by main and recurring cast members have been scheduled during this time off from the sets. Check our Conventions forum board or visit out Calendar for the events known about so far. Forum members are encouraged to post about conventions (announcements and attendee reports), and the forum moderators will be happy to place them on the Calendar so we can all keep up with the schedules.

Season Five will premiere on SCI FI on Friday, July 11, at 10pm ET/PT. (Check out the Season Five index or the Calendar for international premiere dates.)