Browder Updates Fans on Projects

Ben BrowderFansite reporter LAScaper caught up with Stargate star Ben Browder and his wife Francesca Buller at the 34th Annual Saturn Awards ceremony in Universal City, California, earlier this week and conducted a short interview that is now posted, along with pictures of Browder and fellow Stargate star Claudia Black, at the Ben Browder Portal website. (Stargate SG-1 was nominated in the “Best Syndicated/Cable Series”, but lost to HBO’s Dexter.)


On the Stargate front, Browder stated, “I just did a short thing for MGM for the release of Stargate Continuum. A little five minute piece that I was actually writing over the weekend.”

Browder also talked about his rehearsals for the big fight scenes in Stargate: The Ark of Truth. “During the first fight rehearsal I make notes on the back of the script as to what it is I’m supposed to do. And then we come back and we refine it, and then we go do it,” he said, and then added that he does his own stunts whenever possible in order to make Christopher Judge’s life miserable so that the competitive actor has to do his own fight stunts as well.

According to Atlantis executive producer Joseph Mallozzi, Browder is scheduled to make an appearance for Stargate fans at the San Diego Comic Con being held July 24-27.

Other Projects

For the mythologically-based SCI FI Channel mini-series he’s co-writing with Andrew Prowse, Going Homer, Browder indicated that the writing for that project is being coordinated via e-mail while Prowse is in Australia shooting a series. Browder’s movie script Black Mountain was sold to MGM, and it is left up to the studio what they’ll be doing with it.

The actor is currently auditioning, but as of right now, hasn’t been matched up with a new role. “It’s been a decent variety of stuff but I’ve found that a number of things that I’ve one up for, it will quite interestingly, end up being someone I know,” Browder admitted with a laugh. “Usually someone English that ends up playing the part. They end up casting the English which was a trend last year as well.”

In the meantime, Browder is coaching pole vaulting at his daughter’s school. LAScaper pulled out an old report that mentioned Browder when he was pole vaulting in the 1981 State Track Championships with Charlotte Myers Park High School. Browder added that he played football and pole vaulted while in college, so he’s very familiar with the sport. “I don’t think you can teach without demonstration,” he concluded.

The actor’s next public appearance for Farscape fans will be at Creation Entertainment’s “The 2nd Final Frellin’ Farewell Celebration” in Burbank on November 7-9. Claudia Black is also scheduled to make an appearance there.

To read the rest of the interview, which also includes discussion of how Browder watches himself on screen and his choice for favorite food, visit Ben Browder Portal: LAScaper Interviews Ben at the Saturns 2008.