SCI FI WEEKLY: "Continuum" Interview

Final Cover Art for Continuum DVD

SCI FI’s John Sullivan has published an interview he conducted with Brad Wright, James Robbins, and N. John Smith following the screening of the movie Stargate: Continuum in Vancouver a little while back. Portions of this interview have already been published, but this report offers even more information concerning the movie’s production.

One such new piece of information has to do with the reasons why the two SG-1 movies were released directly to video rather than created for the big screen. Wright explained, “The reasons that this could never be theatrical are entirely business and not at all creative. Apparently it had to do with pre-existing deals with the original feature film and subsequent production. In other words, we would have to go into a theatrical release with a lot of deals already made. We can’t just make a movie and put it on the screen. But Charlie Cohen can green-light two DTV movies.

“That said, one of the reasons I wanted to do Continuum was as an audition to prove we could do Stargate as a theatrical release. If this does as well as I hope and think it will do internationally, we may get that shot.”

To read the complete interview, which covers the Arctic shoot and studio sets, visit SCI FI WEEKLY: Go behind the scenes as the cast of Stargate returns for the direct-to-DVD adventure Continuum.