MGM: Wright on Writing Bad Guys, Characters, Romance

Along the Continuum with Brad Wright

Part 2 of the “Along the Continuum with Brad Wright” video interview series is now up at MGM’s Official Stargate website.

This time, Wright answers questions that touch on writing new stories with new “bad guys” in other galaxies (“hint, hint”), on the easiest character to write for (the one he calls “the heart and soul of Stargate”), on the hardest character to write for (because the actor “won’t say the damn line”), and on a scene for the new movie (yes, he said the “movie script that I’m writing right now for the third Stargate SG-1 movie”) that could be considered “romantic” (apparently by the Jack and Sam ‘shippers out there).

None of these questions really had anything to do with Continuum specifically, so you can go there and not get spoiled (except if you consider behind-the-scenes of staging, etc.). But, if you’ll note on the same page as this video, there’s one labeled “Stargate Continuum” that you shouldn’t miss if you’re into watching teasers with clips from the movie that could be considered quite spoilery.

Stargate: Continuum is coming July 29 on DVD and Blu-ray (North America).


2 thoughts on “MGM: Wright on Writing Bad Guys, Characters, Romance”

  1. The prospect of even more on the most unhealthy and stunting unrequited romantic obsession I’ve ever seen leaves me even colder about the 3rd Stargate movie than before. Sam can do better. Sam *is* better. Please, Mr. Wright. Remember all the Sam fans who *haven’t* been waiting 10 years for her to get jiggy with the man who brings out the worst in her.

  2. I’m just curious about the editing done in that particular section of the interview.

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