New! Solutions Gallery

I’m delighted to say that our ever-resourceful tech guru Michelle has successfully installed the Coppermine software and Solutions now has a gallery! You can find the gallery by clicking on the Gallery link in the site navigation bar, or click here to enter the gallery. You can rate images, too.

One of the main features will be our character galleries, which will track an individual SG-1 or Atlantis team character through the series with 10 images for each episode. We’ve made a start on the Season 1 gallery for Daniel Jackson, which will be complete within the next week or so. Then we’re moving on to Rodney McKay in the first season of Atlantis.

Our images will be large, 1024×576 pixels, and high quality, lightened, brightened and noise reduced. The gallery is also searchable by character name, by season and by episode. New content is being added daily.

100×100 avatars/icons for Daniel, Jack, Sam, Vala, Daniel & Jack, Daniel & Sam, Daniel & Vala, SG-1 Team

Solutions site banners featuring Stargate and Atlantis team members

Character galleries:
Daniel Jackson Season 1, 10 images each for Children of the Gods parts 1 & 2, The Enemy Within, Emancipation.

Posted today, 2 wallpapers each for Daniel Jackson and Jack O’Neill, two wallpapers for Jack and Daniel.

Jack & Daniel wallpaper from the gallery