Solutions Images, Video for Comic Con

A selection of 42 images of the Stargate events at Comic Con is now in our gallery. You can view them here!

Also below is a video of most of the introduction to the Continuum panel. It shows Brad Wright’s kind introductions of the actors, and also Ben Browder planting a kiss on the lips of Michael Shanks. Note Michael seems to take it in stride. The camera cut off before Martin Wood’s intro, unfortunately.

You can watch the entire Atlantis panel here at The Continuum panel is not up in its entirety yet that I know of.

There has been so much coverage of Stargate at Comic Con that it’s nearly impossible to reference all of it! But here are a few stories you might like to read, and some reference image galleries as well. You can bet those done by the professional media outlets are better than my shots from the fan seats. 🙂

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Solutions Images, Video for Comic Con”

  1. Thanks for sharing these, Michelle. I always look forward to hearing about your con experiences. I enjoyed the video and the part where Ben kisses Michael and then Michael gives him two thumbs up is funny and cute. So is Christopher Judge’s take on the self-hug. The photos were great – you got some terrific shots there, especially the candids of the actors in the autograph sessions. Excellent work there. I’m only sorry that Claudia Black couldn’t be there for the Continuum panel.

  2. You got to see RDA up close! That’s wonderful! Thanks for the pics and video. You got a lot closer to the celebs than I ever will. 🙂

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