SGA S5 Spoilers: "Identity"


An Ancient device on another planet causes Dr. Keller to swap bodies with a woman named Neeva, who hides her true identity from the Atlantis expedition. Once they realize what has happened, Sheppard’s team, with Dr. Carson Beckett along, must find and deactivate the device that caused the body swap. They must rescue Keller from people who believe she is Neeva, and who have troubles of their own.


Dr. Keller is in the infirmary, being treated by Dr. Beckett as McKay looks on with concern. What the men don’t know is that a woman from another planet, Neeva, has someone switched bodies with Keller. In Keller’s body, Neeva leaves the infirmary with the intent to get away on a Puddle Jumper. McKay finds her there, and she tries to seduce him into flying her to the mainland so they can make love. He is convinced she is ill and not acting herself, and they don’t take that flight.

Eventually the team realizes that a body swap has occurred. Sheppard and his team bring Neeva to a planet to search for the device and turn it off, but Neeva is not keen on the idea and does not intend to stay with the team.

Meanwhile Keller, in Neeva’s body, is on the verge of being executed by a local village, presumably for crimes Neeva committed. But she’s rescued from death by men she doesn’t know, Bordal and Jannik, who take her to their cave. There she must keep up the ruse that she is Neeva so they’ll continue to protect her, but pretending to be a cunning fugitive is not one of Keller’s strong suits…

Guest Characters

  • Dr. Carson Beckett
  • Neeva
  • Technician
  • Jannik
  • Bordal
  • Attendant #1
  • Second In Command
  • Stage Manager


  • Written by Carl Binder
  • Directed by TBD