"The Queen": The Best-Laid Plans

Queen Teyla

“A really nice range of emotions for Teyla in an episode chock full o’ crosses, double-crosses, and an atypically ruthless turn for the new mom,” executive producer Joseph Mallozzi said in his weblog about tonight’s episode, “The Queen”, written by Alan McCullough and directed by Brenton Spencer. “Throw in Todd, an intriguing proposal, and that creepy new-look wraith and you’ve got one of the best episodes of the front half.”

“We pick up with Todd and try to come to some type of a deal, an agreement, where he can help us and we can supposedly help him,” Joe Flanigan told Cinema Spy. “Surprisingly, it backfires. Which makes a very interesting 44-minutes of entertainment: When plans go badly.”

“We go to Todd with a gene therapy we’ve managed to develop using Michael’s research, which we believe will make the Wraith able to process food and thus not have to feed on humans anymore,” writer Alan McCullough explained in a Gateworld interview. “So this is something that obviously would be very valuable to us and we’re trying to pitch Todd on it to help us develop it further and test it.

“Of course, Todd, who’s always got his own agenda, asks us to do something in return, which is what then the episode becomes about. It becomes a very Teyla-focused story. Essentially what Todd requires is he’s joined an alliance of other hives, but the only way you can be—he’s had to fake his way in and lie and say that he had a queen on board.

“I don’t want to say more. Perhaps I’ve already said too much. But it goes in an interesting direction after that. It’s a combination of a story that I pitched and a story that Alex Levine, our story coordinator, pitched last year. He pitched a story where there was a Wraith summit and we tried to infiltrate it. We were trying to infiltrate a Wraith summit and we needed to go in undercover. Using that pitch, as well as some story elements that I pitched this year, we built the story.”

Tune in to the Sci Fi Channel tonight at 10pm Eastern to see how awry the best-laid plans of Wraith and men—and women—can really go.

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