Reminder: No SGA Tonight, Returns Nov 7

Happy Halloween!

If you’re a fan of ghosts and Amanda Tapping, you might still want to tune in to the Sci Fi Channel tonight, even though Stargate Atlantis and Sanctuary won’t be showing new episodes. Tapping joins Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, known to Sci Fi fans as the Ghost Hunters, at the historic Fort Delaware in Delaware City, Delaware. According to Sci Fi Wire, “Thousands of prisoners of war died there during the Civil War, and the Ghost Hunters captured several paranormal activites on camera during their previous investigation, which aired in June.”

The special visit will be broadcast live for seven hours from 7 PM to 2 AM tonight. There will be a chance for the audience to interact with the team online at their Ghost Hunters Live! website.

To read more about the special event, visit SCI FI WIRE: Hunters Prepare To Go Live.

And tune in next Friday, November 7, at 9 PM for the next new episode of Atlantis: “The Prodigal”.