Jewel Staite on Gemini Nom, McKay/Keller Romance

TV Guide on-line today has a short interview with Jewel Staite. You can read it here. Of particular interest given the recent episode “Brain Storm” might be this exchange: How has the fan response been to your character and your relationship with Rodney McKay (David Hewlett)? What direction do you want to see your character’s love life turn?

I’m not sure what the entire fan response has been. The fans I’ve had the chance to meet have been really enthusiastic about the Keller/McKay pairing. I really enjoy working with David, and we have a tendency to gravitate towards each other on set because we have the same work ethic, and most definitely the same sense of humor! I think the writers started to pick up on our natural chemistry and decided to go that route later on in season four. Off screen, we have a more brother-sister chemistry, so all the kissing scenes were kind of painful for us, but he was kind enough to lay off the onions on those days.

Read the whole interview for Jewel’s thoughts on her Gemini nomination and filming the episode for which she was nominated, “Trio”. As a side note, the Gemini went to another actress this past weekend.