An Update on Ben Browder's Projects

Ben Browder (2007)

Stargate star Ben Browder is a man of many talents, including writing, acting, and coaching pole vaulting and football. Solutions has done some investigative “leg-work” to see what he’s been up to lately based on what the Internet has to say.

Browder talked with the guys over at Gateworld about many things, including two projects for the Sci Fi Channel and its website: Going Homer and the Farscape web series.

Going Home is about a twelve year old boy named Homer Jones and his family. Homer sees the Greek myths unfolding in the world around him. It’s basically The Iliad and The Odyssey clashing with the modern world,” he explained. “Going Homer is a project that has been commissioned by SCI FI Channel, that we sold to them. We’re still at the story stage. We’re in what’s called … I think development hell was the phrase someone else used. But what we’re doing is refining the story before we get a script.”

As of the time of the interview, which was posted January 12, there hasn’t been a set day for production to begin. “We’re in development, so that means that we keep working and refining until we produce the script that is agreed upon. And then at that point, we try to go to shooting and go to air. It’s a process.”

Browder mentioned that he still has an interest in participating in the Farscape web series, but couldn’t offer any new information about its development.

And finally, Browder has made a preview trailer for an independent film named Freeze Frame that has been posted on YouTube (subject matter might be too intense for some).

According to Ben Browder Portal, “The story is about two vets. One from the Vietnam war and the other is a guilt stricken veteran of the Iraq war. One was considered a success and the other, a failure. Ben portrays a convict who, in a failed attempt at “suicide by cop”, went to prison for committing a robbery with an unloaded gun. The Vietnam vet makes an Academy Award winning documentary about the Iraqi vet. When he gets out of prison Ben’s character wants to kill the film maker who, as it turns out, also has a death wish.” Visit BBP for more information about the film which is to start production later this year.