Brad Wright Reveals More About Third SG-1 Movie

Stargate SG-1 co-creator Brad Wright answered fan questions in Joseph Mallozzi’s weblog about all things Stargate, including giving us a bit more information about the third SG-1 movie.

Here are some key quotes:

  • “We’re making a movie. Carl Binder and I are co-writing the script. Martin [Wood] will direct. If you have a good title, let me know.”
  • “We’re making it in the spring.”
  • “MGM was talking about more SG-1 movies as soon as the first did well.”
  • “The success of the SG-1 movies made an Atlantis movie possible, and all parties decided that was the best way to move forward.”
  • “We need to get some deals in place first.” (why the third movie hasn’t been officially announced by MGM yet)
  • “The next movie will be much more Jack centric.”
  • “MGM owns Stargate, not me. I can’t change studios. The DVD’s came out of a desire to prove we could make movies. I think we surprised the studio with what we could do on a small budget, but not enough to let us make a big Stargate feature.”
  • “If I get RDA in a movie, I don’t cut the scenes. If you’re looking for a re-cut movie, watch Children of the Gods when it comes out.”
  • “I liked the Aschen story too. Insidious. No plans right now.”
  • “I would love to do that [theatrical SG-1 movie with $20-25 million budget]. The reasons we can’t right now are complicated.”
  • Concerning RDA’s limited screentime in Stargate Continuum: “That’s all I could get him for. He’ll be much more involved in the next one.”
  • “I thought Claudia was terrific in Continuum, but Vala won’t be returning in the third movie.”

To read the full Q&A in which Wright also discusses Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe, visit Joseph Mallozzi’s Weblog: Brad Wright Answers Your Questions.

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