Mallozzi Reveals a Few Atlantis Movie Plot Points

Enemy at the Gate

In his most recent entry in his weblog, Stargate Atlantis executive producer Joseph Mallozzi revealed some of the plot points that he and writing partner Paul Mullie are considering in writing the script for the first Stargate Atlantis movie.

These plot points follow the events of the series finale “Enemy at the Gate”, which was also written by Mallozzi and Mullie, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet, you might want to stop reading this article right here.

“When we were breaking Enemy at the Gate,” Mallozzi explained in order to set the stage, “we saw it as a very special episode, not because it would be our series finale (at the time, we were somewhat optimistic that we would get that sixth season pick-up), but because it was going to be our 100th episode. For that reason, it turned out to be a little different from past finales, less a cliffhanger and more of a coming full-circle that featured the star of the series: the city of Atlantis.

“It was also intended to be the launching point for a very interesting early season 6 scenario:

  • “With Atlantis back on Earth, why the hell would the I.O.A. ever let it go? And if it remained, which, by all indications seemed likely, what would become of its occupants, especially Ronon and Teyla?
  • “Also, with a permanent station in the Milky Way, wouldn‘t Atlantis, logically, cease to be a launch point for gate travel and, instead, become a research center for Ancient technology?”

The Season Six opening two-parter is now the first Stargate Atlantis movie, about which Mallozzi declared, “[W]e’ll be able to tell our story on a much bigger, visual effects-laden, character-centered canvas.” Shooting is expected to take place this summer for either a late 2009 or early 2010 release (the Sci Fi Channel is expected to premiere the movie before it will be released on DVD).

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