MGM Highlights SGA Wrap Party

The MGM Official Website has posted a short video from the The 100th Episode Wrap Party for all of those involved with the five seasons of Stargate Atlantis. Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Jason Momoa, Robert Picardo, Joseph Mallozzi, Brad Wright, and several others are heard from as the celebration continues in the background.

The Wrap Party was put on by MGM in September 2008 at the Sheraton Wall Centre. Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi dedicated his September 21 weblog entry to the event, including posting several pictures of the attendees, as well as of the chocolate Atlantis.

A fan has posted the video on YouTube as well. It’s embedded below:

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  1. This was nice…I’m gonna miss the show a lot as I also miss Stargate Sg-1. I can’t wait to see what movies they come out with!

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