SCI FI WIRE: Stargate Universe Moved to Fall Premiere

According to SCI FI WIRE in an article stating that Robert Carlyle will be joined by Justin Louis, David Blue, Brian J. Smith, and Jamil Walker Smith in the regular cast of Stargate Universe, fans of Stargate will now be waiting until the fall instead of July for twenty new Stargate stories.

This news follows Atlantis executive producer Joseph Mallozzi’s statement that if he were a betting man, the third Stargate SG-1 and the first Stargate Atlantis movies won’t be ready until 2010, rather than the hoped-for fall of 2009. The latest word is that the SG-1 movie, starring Richard Dean Anderson, will be filmed in the spring and the Atlantis movie will be shot in the summer. Depending on how these two movies will be released, a good ten months could possibly follow in post-production and marketing.

Stargate Universe will premiere with two hours of the three-part opener “Air”, which is written by series creators Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright. Filming the new show is expected to begin February 4, and more cast announcements are anticipated for the two female leads who will be portraying Tamara Johanson (aka Jon) and Chloe Walker.

It should be noted that the Sci Fi Channel has been known to change their schedule often, so it’s possible that things might again change. Please visit Solutions regularly for the latest news on the Stargate television and movie projects.