Tapping on Return to Stargate, SGU Premiere

In a recent interview with Pop Culture Zoo, Stargate star Amanda Tapping shared what it was like to return to the Stargate sets after fully immersing herself in the world of Sanctuary and how her show will be shown on Friday nights with the new series Stargate Universe.

On reprising her role as Col. Samantha Carter in the Stargate Atlantis series finale, “Enemy at the Gate”:

PCZ: So, the other thing that aired recently was the final episode of Stargate Atlantis. What was it like going back and shooting that?

AT: It was really hard, I have to be honest with you. Stargate has been my home for such a long time that jumping out of that nest was such a big, scary leap to make. I’m glad I did it, for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is creatively I feel revitalized. But to go back with that crew, that wonderful crew and that cast – they were all [there] in the makeup trailer. It was weird and bittersweet because it was their last episode and it sort of didn’t make sense to me why it was ending. So, it was bit weird. I had gone off and done my own thing and now I was coming back and there was this sense of sadness about the place. It was hard. I mean, my car knows how to drive to Bridge Studios. I walked into Joe Mallozzi’s office and had such a lovely talk with him. Brad Wright and Rob Cooper came down before my last shot and gave me a hug. But it opens the door for movies and there’s a certainly a lot of talk about that. I would jump back into the army boots any day.

On honoring the late Don S. Davis and Carter’s role in the next Stargate SG-1 movie:

PCZ: My favorite part of the final episode was the little tribute to Don Davis and General Hammond. I think it speaks highly of the cast and crew that even in an episode where so much needs to get done, room is made to have a scene like that.

AT: Something had to be said that’s such a show of respect for an incredible man who…here come the tears…but something had to be said. I remember we were at Don Davis’ memorial and I was standing in his kitchen with his wife, Ruby, and Joe Mallozzi said “We’re naming the ship the General Hammond.” And we all just lost it. “Of course you are, thank you.” It’s a subtle, simple tribute, which is exactly – Don was a simple, beautiful man so that’s how they did it, it was lovely. You can’t overplay it, you’ve just got to say it. As an actor you wonder how you could possibly do justice to it. It one line and it’s so huge. So, it was just keeping it simple and lovely.

PCZ: Definitely a perfect moment at the right time. And it also takes Carter off in a new direction too. Hopefully we’ll get to explore that a little in the movies.

AT: I hope so!

On the second season shooting and premiere of Sanctuary and the series premiere of Stargate Universe:

PCZ: When do you start shooting?

AT: We’re still waiting on word, ideally the beginning of March so that we can deliver for early October. SCI FI wants us to air October 9th. We will run concurrently with Stargate Universe. I think they premiere with a two-hour episode and then the following week we will run together. Anyway, that’s the plan. We’ll hopefully start shooting at the beginning of March at the latest.

To read the complete interview in which Tapping covers Sanctuary‘s direction in more depth, visit Pop Culture Zoo: Catching Up With Amanda Tapping.

Stargate Universe will begin principal photography February 11. They’re scheduled to complete filming October 23 (according to the BC Film Commission). Based on what Tapping said, the new show will premiere Friday, October 2, most likely at 9 PM, with their two-hour opener “Air”, and return the following Friday, October 9, with the third part to “Air”. If Sanctuary keeps its first season timeslot, then SGU will probably take SGA’s old timeslot of 9 PM as a lead-in.

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