Stargate Universe Sneak Peek March 27

Stargate Universe Banner from MGM

Last night, during the airing of Sea Beast (featuring Stargate star Corin Nemec), the Sci Fi Channel flashed a brief notice to announce the Sneak Peek of Stargate Universe, which is to make its debut in the fall.

The announcement said that we can look forward to a Sneak Peek of the newest installment in the Stargate franchise during the airing of the movies for the oldest installment, Stargate SG-1. The Sci Fi Channel will be airing Stargate: The Ark of Truth on March 27 at 9 pm and Stargate: Continuum on April 3 at 9 pm.

The Sneak Peek, according to consulting producer Joseph Mallozzi, will give eager fans a look “at the ship, its crew, and the show.”

[Thanks to prion for the tip.]