Ben Browder Talks “Freeze Frame”


In a new interview at, Ben Browder talks about his new film project Freeze Frame.  The film is written by Jonas McCord and will film later this year according to the website, which is taking donations toward the production. The movie tells the story of an Iraqi war veteran, played by Browder, who’s tormented by guilt over having killed a group of civilians in combat. He meets a Vietnam vet with similar guilt, and they embark on an emotional journey together. In spite of the possibly political nature of the project, Ben does not see an ideology to it:

Well no, I don’t think that there’s anything inherently political in exploring a topic that has been examined and re-examined for centuries.  What you’re really talking about is the state of individuals who return from war.  And how they cope.  In my estimation it’s a human story.  Now is it timely?  Yeah, because we have a number of people overseas who, when they come back, they are suffering.  And experiencing what soldiers have from time immemorial.  And to remember the lessons of past wars.  I don’t know that there’s anything inherently political about it.

A five minute piece representative of the movie was filmed featuring Ben and may be viewed on YouTube.

The interview also touches on what’s keeping him busy these days, including coaching a girls high school pole vaulting team.