New Syfy Website Features Stargate Universe

Dr. Nicholas Rush (Syfy promo)
Robert Carlyle as Dr. Nicholas Rush of Stargate Universe (image from Syfy)

According to the Sci Fi Channel’s new website, Stargate Universe will be aired during the fourth quarter 2009 and second quarter 2010! We’ve already taken a guess (a very good one) that the show will premiere on October 2, 2009, at 9 PM, but that date has not yet been made official.

The new site ( isn’t really fully populated yet, but the overall programming information can be reached (through Flash Player) by starting at this link: To get to SGU’s entry, click on “Programming” and then on Robert Carlyle’s picture (as it appears above). On that page, you’ll see the 4Q09 and 2Q10 scheduling information for the show, described by Syfy as “A brand-new member of the Stargate family, Stargate Universe features a fresh, young cast of characters, extraordinary new destinations and the beginning of a whole new television legacy.”

[Thanks to lahela_sga for the tip.]