Vancouver Con Teaser Pics

Your intrepid Solutions reporter has been on the scene in Vancouver all week for the 2009 Creation Vancouver Stargate Convention. In addition to sampling of of actor pictures below, stay tuned for many filming location images and our usual complete, illustrated con report. All the guests have been wonderful; they’ve kept up with the very long hours even better than some fans, who’ve been seen crawling to their rooms to rest or wait out the autograph lines. There hasn’t been major news to come out of the con so far, but plenty of smaller tidbits that we’ll share soon.

The actors have no information about the Stargate Atlantis movie. Hopefully something will be revealed by Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper tomorrow. Stargate Universe remains strictly under wraps, and the set visit this year did not include any of the SGU ship sets. The Atlantis sets are standing, and the SGC set could be restored with two weeks of work, according to producer N. John Smith.

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  1. Thanks for the tease, Michelle! As always, I look forward to your con reports! The location visits sound wonderful, too!

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