Update Your Calendars for Stargate Stars

Here’s the list of upcoming events to add to your calendars concerning our Stargate stars! (This article might be updated if new information is made available after publishing.)


  • Carmen ArgenzianoAngels and Demons is opening in theaters today, May 15. Check your local listings for show times.
  • Jason Momoa – Returning as Roman in the season finale of The CW’s The Game tonight at 8:30 pm.
  • Lou Diamond Phillips – Returning as Agent Ian Edgerton in the season finale of Numb3rs tonight at 10 pm on CBS.
  • Michael ShanksLiving Out Loud on the Hallmark Channel at 9 pm on Sunday, May 17.
  • Robert CarlyleThe Unloved premiering on the UK’s Channel 4 at 9 pm on Sunday, May 17.
  • Paul McGillion – In the two-hour season finale of 24 on FOX on Monday, May 18, at 8 pm.
  • Ben Browder – Audio interview with Sci Fi Talk Live on Blog Talk Radio about the independent film Freeze Frame on Monday, May 18, at 8 pm.
  • Joe Flanigan – On-line chat at Hungarian site AXN. Chatters must post in English. Fans who aren’t able to enter chat can ask their questions in the comment section at this SFPortal post and it will be passed along.

Conventions/Personal Appearances:

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[Thanks to the folks at Stargate Actor Appearances for keeping up with most of the convention/public appearances information used above. For an even more detailed report of what’s happening—with a slightly less formal tone—visit our LJ Companion’s Stargate Friday News Roundup Feature.]