See Stargate Universe Stars in Short Syfy “Film”

Syfy has a new promotional “film” that lasts about two minutes called “House of Imagination”. It features stars from the network’s original programs Warehouse 13, Eureka, Ghost Hunters, Caprica, Sanctuary, Stargate Universe, Destination Truth and ECW.

See if you can spot our Stargate Universe stars in this video:

To learn more about the “film”, visit SCI FI WIRE: New “House of Imagination” film reflects SCI FI’s evolution to Syfy.

The Sci Fi Channel will officially become “Syfy” on Tuesday, July 7. As part of the rebranding’s celebration, Stargate Universe’s Lou Diamond Phillips will be on hand at an event at Rockefeller Plaza in New York, where he, along with Syfy’s Dave Howe and Scare Tactics’ Tracy Morgan, will open the “Imagination Playground.” According to the Daily News, “Visitors can see props from Syfy shows and become familiar with the network’s new incarnation. There’ll also be free Wyfy (get it?).”

Stargate Universe is scheduled to premiere on Syfy in October. Right now, the actors and filming crew are about to enter their month-long filming hiatus, while the writers/producers complete their scripts for the last handful of episodes for Season One.


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  1. Oh, I wondered why Tracy Morgan is in there! I had no idea he works on Scare Tactics. Funny. I hope Lou’s mosquito bites have healed by then. 🙂

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