Reminder: Shanks as Hawkman Tonight (Feb 5)

The day that Michael Shanks’ Carter Hall/Hawkman takes flight has arrived! Make sure to tune in tonight (Feb 5) at 8 PM ET on The CW for the two-hour special movie event of Smallville: Absolute Justice!

Leading up to tonight’s event is a four-part audio interview fans should not miss! Shanks is careful not to give away too many spoilers, but instead, concentrates on the challenges of bringing a comic book superhero to life in a dignified way. And of course, no interview with the actor would be complete without a mention of his many years as Stargate‘s Dr. Daniel Jackson. Links to all of the parts to this interview can be found at our LJ Companion HERE. If you’d like to revisit Solutions’ many articles about this role, make sure to click HERE for our Solutions Blog and HERE for our Live Journal entries for articles about Michael.