Solutions Gets A Face Lift

After many weeks of behind-the-scenes efforts, your Solutions team is proud to present a major update to the site’s look and feel! In addition to the prominent color scheme changes, our pages are now sized for current monitors and laptop screens, for your reading convenience. We’ve simplified our navigation as well, and added a site search box to the home page.

On the home page, you’ll find all of our headlines and those of our partners are available in one convenient tabbed box, and you may peruse our currently featured articles in our nifty carousel. The new blog has a completely new look including easy-to-find widgets for following us via RSS or Twitter.

We hope you enjoy the new look! We’ll be tweaking things as time goes on. Feel free to leave a comment on your first impressions and let us know of any bugs you find.

4 thoughts on “Solutions Gets A Face Lift”

  1. Looks great! I especially enjoyed reading past interviews and comments about both SG-1 and SGA. Will there be more going through each of the seasons?

    Also, I’d like to agree that Joe Flanigan would be a great Rockford. And I’d like to add that he would be perfect for the part of Mitch Rapp if any of Vince Flynn’s novels get made into movies.

    Anyone know what’s happening with Joe lately aside from the western movie he had a role in?

  2. @hozra – Yep, we’re planning to go through all 10 seasons of SG-1, all 5 seasons of SGA, and touch on the first part of SGU in the Thirteen Weeks for Thirteen Years series of articles (to fill in the hiatus until SGU returns on April 2 with the last half of their first season).

    I’ve heard that Joe Flanigan has made some crazy appearances on the Jace Hall show. He and Christopher Judge, both, actually. You can get to his most recent, extremely silly appearances from – Joe steals Jace’s “V” costume and won’t give it back. The camera chases him around as he tries to avoid capture. Jace Hall is the one who started the whole “Joe as Rockford” thing on Twitter. 🙂

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