Jewel Staite to Guest on 'Warehouse 13'

Jennifer Keller in TRACKER
Jewel Staite as Dr. Jennifer Keller (MGM)
Stargate Atlantis star Jewel Staite has tweeted, “Got offered a lovely role on Warehouse 13. Wish I could tell you more. All I can say is, you Browncoats are gonna freak.”

We wish we had more, but that’s all she wrote. Hopefully, in the coming days, we’ll get all the specifics like episode name, character name, and airing date. Warehouse 13 is now in production for its second season, which will probably premiere on the Syfy Channel in July.

2 thoughts on “Jewel Staite to Guest on 'Warehouse 13'”

  1. I wish Joe Flanigan would be given a role in Warehouse 13. I would start back watching SyFy if they did.

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