Reminder: Jewel Staite in Syfy's "Mothman" Tonight (April 24)

'Mothman' on Syfy (SYFY)
'Mothman' starring Connor Fox and Jewel Staite on Syfy (SYFY)
Stargate Atlantis star Jewel Staite can be seen in Syfy’s new movie Mothman tonight at 9 PM ET!

The storyline (from TV Guide): A tragic prank and its subsequent cover-up come back to haunt five childhood friends when they reunite a decade later in their hometown.

Staite filmed the movie in Louisiana and often tweeted to share her experiences with her fans. Now, she’s asking her followers to “At the very least, help beat MegaPiranha in ratings, ok?”

There’s more about the movie from Staite and her co-star Connor Fox in their interview with Monsters and Critics. Basically, what Staite wants to get across to her fans is that this movie might be too scary for younger viewers, but it still has its fun moments. She explained, “[It] is a little rough. It’s definitely for a more mature audience than I think most of the Syfy Creature Features are geared towards, but, yes, I mean, I think it still has a fun tone to it. Definitely the beginning is darker than what Syfy viewers are used to. But it’s still a lot of fun. It’s a bit campy and there’s lots of great characters like Frank and that kind of thing to kind of lighten up the movie a little bit, so I wouldn’t say that it’s entirely dark.”

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