SGU, Sanctuary move to Tuesdays in October

According to USA Today, Syfy channel is moving the wrestling WWE Smackdown to Friday nights starting October 1.  The series currently occupying Fridays, including Stargate Universe, Caprica, and SG-1 alumni’s Sanctuary will be shifted to Tuesday nights. The wrestling show NXT, currently airing Tuesdays has been cancelled by Syfy, though the WWE is shopping it to other cable networks.

Friday nights have been a “sci-fi” night since at least the days of the X-Files and host to several of SciFi/Syfy’s hits such as Farscape, Battlestar Galactica and all three Stargate series.  Will the move to Tuesday night be better for the shows because there are more available viewers?  Eureka and the reality based Ghost Hunters have fared well midweek. Or will the fiercer competition from networks and other cable channels hurt the shows?


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