SGU This Week: "Space" (Spoilers Optional)

Greer restrains Young in SPACE
Why is Greer restraining Young in SPACE? (MGM)
They’re back! Stargate Universe returns tonight (April 2) to Syfy at 9 PM ET/PT and to Canada’s Space channel at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT with the episode “Space”, written by Joseph Mallozzi (and Paul Mullie) and directed by Andy Mikita.

“Space” picks up where “Justice” left off…and oh, what a place “Justice” left off! What will happen to Dr. Nicholas Rush now that he’s all alone on a rocky planet with only an inaccessible alien spacecraft and an idle Stargate to keep him company? And does Greer’s apparent restraining of Young have something to do with the colonel’s abandoning of the scientist or with something else entirely (image at right)?

Originally, “Space” was slotted to be the first part of the mid-season two-parter with Paul Mullie’s “Divided” being the second. But things got moved around some, and now these two action-packed episodes are kicking off the second half of the season. Mallozzi teased in an interview, “It’s a very action-driven episode, and also our first big space battle story.” After seeing the finished episode, the writer declared, “Boy, does this episode move! It’s a visual feast and I look forward to hearing the fan reaction.”

The episode also includes a very up-close and personal look at who is battling the Destiny. And that’s where we get into some major spoiler territory. But, we’ve got a new fix for that—and this is what we mean by “Spoilers Optional” (let us know if you have any problems viewing the spoilers when you click the SHOW buttons):

Spoiler Image that MGM put up front and center on their website Show
Official Episode Summary Show

More spoilers are to be had in our Episode Guide in the Stargate Wiki and by visiting our Universe-specific stories here in the Solutions Blog or in our less-formal LJ Companion.

Once you’ve seen the episode, make sure to return to Solutions to vote in our front page poll and to read the chatter that’s sure to take place on our Stargate Twitter Superfeed.

NOTE: Viewers in Australia will be getting “Space” on the Sci Fi Channel on Friday, April 9, at 8:30 PM, and the UK’s Sky One viewers will see it Tuesday, April 13, at 8:00 PM.


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