SGU Returning to New Mexico to Film Episode

According to the The Daily Times for Farmington, New Mexico, Stargate Universe will be returning to the state to film an upcoming episode for the second season. If you’re a local and would like to break into the filming business, here’s your chance to start off as a background actor! The pay is $8 per hour plus overtime.

SGU Air Part 3 (MGM)
The last time SGU was in New Mexico, they filmed AIR PART 3 (MGM)
The last time that SGU shot in New Mexico was for “Air Part 3” when they used White Sands as an alien terrain. This time, the unnamed episode appears to be using Farmington as an Earth-based location, but you never can be too sure since this is a sci-fi show, after all.

We can guess, based off of Joseph Mallozzi’s hints in his weblog, that the Farmington episode is “Trial and Error”, written by Mallozzi’s writing partner Paul Mullie. But, that’s not confirmed. The show has also been doing location shoots for Brad Wright’s “Cloverdale”, as well. The production crew has been known to film episodes out of airing order simply because locations, actors, or directors are not available until a certain time. Mallozzi, however, did write in his March 1 entry that they were specifically discussing location possibilities for Mullie’s and Wright’s scripts.

The production will be on location from May 17 to May 21. The Times article doesn’t provide casting details, but advises, “Those interested are asked to upload their headshots at For more information, e-mail”

ETA May 11: A later report from has revealed that Robert C. Cooper is both writer and director for this episode, which leads us to conclude that it is “Malice” that is filming in New Mexico. (See story)

ETA May 14: There is much more detail about the shoot at Daily Times, including information that the Farmington shoot is supposed to be an alien planet rather than an Earth-based location.

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