Hang Out with Solutions During SGU's Hiatus

Now that the Season One finale of Stargate Universe has aired, we’re looking at a summer-long hiatus! What are you going to do? We’re inviting you to hang out with us here at Solutions at our new SGU Hiatus page!

The new page gives you dynamic SGU-related goodies, such as MGM’s official countdown and the feeds from three different sources close to Solutions’ heart: our News Blog, our LJ Companion, and the SGU Destiny LJ Community, which has strong ties to this editor.

We will continue to keep track of the actors and the production by monitoring the Internet, including executive producer Joseph Mallozzi’s weblog. Spoilers for Season Two episodes will be put in our Stargate Wiki, while we report news and other items of interest here in our News Blog or in our LJ Companion. There are some fun and games and other fannish things going on at the SGU Destiny LJ Community that you might like to join in on or keep track of, such as Caption This!, rewatches, fanfiction, and member artwork.

So, make sure to bookmark the new SGU Hiatus page and jump in!

NOTE: The page can be reached through the secondary menu above by clicking on “SGU”.


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