Mallozzi's Weblog: Elyse Levesque Fan Q&A

Stargate Universe star Elyse Levesque has submitted her answers to the questions posed by fans at executive producer Joseph Mallozzi’s weblog.

Eli Wallace and Chloe Armstrong in TIME (MGM)
Eli Wallace and Chloe Armstrong share a moment in Levesque's favorite episode from the first half, TIME (MGM)
A few highlights:

Emotional scenes definitely take their toll, but I find them to be more therapeutic than anything. As actors it’s part of our job to go into those dark, messy places. I think it’s important to leave “the work” at work and not take it home with you.

What’s great about Chloe is that the possibilities as to where her character can go are endless. I would love to see her come into her own and take on a leadership, perhaps in an area that would allow her to exercise her skills as a political science major.

One of the hardest scenes for me, probably would have been in the pilot where my character attacks Rush after her father dies. The emotional and physical demands of that scene were both very challenging. I felt terrible having to beat up poor Bobby, but he was a trooper and insisted I just go for it. Funny part is that I was probably more bruised after that scene than he was!

My favorite episode of the first half is “Time”. I think it stands out. Everyone brought their best game to the table in that episode and it shows.

As far as Eli and Chloe are concerned, you never know where the writers may take the relationship, but I think it’s a stronger choice to not have them get together because once you cross that bridge, there’s no turning back. There’s something enticing about not giving the audience what they want and I think the constant desire to see these two together will keep certain fans tuning in!

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