Savela Reports First Night of Leo Award Winners

Stargate‘s Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Savela attended the first night’s ceremony of the 2010 Leo Awards and reported the winners on his Twitter. Thus far, it appears that Stargate Universe and Sanctuary are having a wonderful year of wins:

Stargate Universe

  1. Best Screenwriting in a Dramatic Series: Brad Wright – Stargate Universe – “Light”
  2. Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Series: Rick Martin – Stargate Universe – “Human”
  3. Best Visual Effects in a Dramatic Series: Mark Savela, Shannon Gurney, Brenda Campbell, Craig Vandenbiggelaar, Krista McLean – Stargate Universe – “Air”


  1. Best Direction in a Dramatic Series: Brenton Spencer – Sanctuary – “Pavor Nocturnus”
  2. Best Production Design in a Dramatic Series: Bridget McGuire – Sanctuary – “Kali Part 2”
  3. Best Costume Design in a Dramatic Series: Christina McQuarrie – Sanctuary – “Pavor Nocturnus”
  4. Best Make-Up in a Dramatic Series: Todd Masters, Holland Miller, Harlow Macfarlane, Werner Pretorius, Yukio Okajima – Sanctuary – “Fragments”

Congratulations to the winners!

The winners of the remaining categories, including acting and best dramatic series, will be announced tonight at the Gala Awards Ceremony.

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