SGU This Week: "Incursion Part 1" (Special Guest Stars, Spoilers)

Stargate Universe episode “Incursion Part 1”, written by Joseph Mallozzi (and Paul Mullie) and directed by Andy Mikita, premieres tonight (June 4) on Syfy at 9 PM ET and on Space at 10 PM ET.

The Story: All Hell Is About to Break Loose

USS Hammond in AIR (MGM)
The 'USS Hammond' returns in tonight's episode (MGM)

The histories of SG-1 and the Lucian Alliance are intertwined, as we covered in the feature we published for “Subversion”, and in tonight’s “Incursion”, writer Joseph Mallozzi tells us that we should prepare for a two-part episode that is “reminiscent of golden age SG-1.” Perhaps this is because the episodes are “significantly more action-driven and visually spectacular,” or perhaps it is because two former members of SG-1 are contributing to the story: Gen. Jack O’Neill and Col. Samantha Carter. And if you know that Carter’s going to be present, you’ll know that her powerful Daedalus-class starship USS Hammond is going to make an appearance and, hopefully, contribute to that action and visual spectacular!

The Lucian Alliance wants Destiny and they’ve got Col. David Telford on their side. And thanks to some undercover body-swapping gone wrong, they’ve also got Dr. Nicholas Rush. Will he be able to build upon the mathematical solution to drawing energy safely from a naquadria core like Eli Wallace managed to do? And if he does figure it out, will he actually dial Destiny? And back home on Earth, will O’Neill determine what the Lucian Alliance is up to and where they’ve taken Rush (in Telford’s body)? And if he does locate the Alliance’s Icarus-type planet, will he try to take it? He’ll need the fire power of Carter’s Hammond in case he does.

After viewing the Day 1 Mix of tonight’s episode, Mallozzi wrote in his weblog, “Magnifique! An episode full of action, anguish, intrigue and suspense. And Joel [Goldsmith]’s score is phenomenal.” He also told us that some characters will get to shine as the tension heightens on the Destiny, “Wray is a civilian with a background in Human Resources and while, at first blush, the skills she possesses may seem impractical in a space-faring scenario, Camile will step to the fore later this season, especially when all hell breaks loose in the show’s two-part season finale.”

The Story Behind the Scenes: Special Guest Stars

Samantha Carter in SGU AIR (MGM)
O'Neill and Carter coordinate their efforts against the Lucian Alliance (MGM)

Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping are tonight’s special guest stars, as we see their characters coordinate their efforts against the Lucian Alliance. Rhona Mitra and Mike Dopud also return as the Alliance’s Commander Kiva and her lieutenant Varro.

Carter’s history with the Lucian Alliance goes all the way back to her SG-1 days, when her team made it a priority to end the Alliance’s grip on worlds left behind by the Goa’uld. It was her duty to be the one to break it to Stargate Command that they had officially declared war with the Alliance after her friend and fellow officer Col. Paul Emerson, the commander of Earth’s starship USS Odyssey, was executed in cold blood before her very eyes when the Alliance tried to coerce her into helping them to take the ship. Now that she’s commander of the Hammond, Carter represents Earth’s powerful, yet benevolent, presence in a galaxy full of worlds that are trying to break free from the harmful influences of the Alliance.

Concerning her SGU appearances, Tapping told the Huffington Post back in November 2009, “Well, I’ve done two episodes. I did their first two-parter and I’m at the very end of their season. And I just shot that a few weeks ago. So I started their season and I’m ending their season, which was very cool. But I didn’t get to play with anyone. That was my one, you know…if they were ever to have me come back, I’d want to be with people. [laughs] I’m kind of off on my ship, which I think is awesome. I have to say, when I got to work, and I saw the uniform and the General Hammond crest on it, I teared up. I think it’s a great honor to, not only Don, but to the character. (note: Don S. Davis, who played Major General George Hammond passed away in June 2008.) So that was very cool. But I’m up in my ship and I don’t get to play with anyone.”

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NOTE: The UK’s Sky One viewers will see “Incursion Part 1” on Tuesday, June 8, at 8:00 PM, and viewers in Australia will be getting it on the Sci Fi Channel on Friday, June 11, at 8:30 PM.

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