Stargate Planner: Week of December 20-26

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Monday,   December 20
Tuesday,   December 21 Robert Picardo stars as Admiral Calvin in Mega Shark Vs. Crocosaurus, which is being released on DVD today (Region 1). The storyline: “The massive prehistoric shark has survived the last battle, and the world is again threatened when a new, more dangerous foe is discovered in the jungles of Africa.”
Wednesday, December 22
Thursday,   December 23

SGU Season One episode “Incursion Part 1” on New Zealand’s Prime TV at 8:30 PM. Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping guest star.

Friday,   December 24
Saturday, December 25 Happy Holidays! SG-1 Christmas
Sunday, December 26

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Stargate Universe Press

    Cancellation – After Syfy’s announcement via Twitter that Stargate Universe will not be renewed for Season Three, the Internet is abuzz with the news. Because of the sheer volume of these announcements, you’ll be able to find the majority through an online search, but in case you missed it, here it is from Solutions. Make sure to visit this article to leave your thoughts about this sad event which has many fans concerned about the future of the Stargate franchise. We’ll be hearing more about this from the production office—namely Joseph Mallozzi via his weblog—once everyone returns from their vacations abroad. This much-anticipated reaction may reveal the future of the franchise, as Mallozzi has made statements in the past that SGU would possibly get a movie (or two) if the five-year plan were cut short.
  • Julia BensonToronto Sun: ‘Stargate’ hottie loves to pump iron

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