Stargate Planner: Week of March 21-27

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Monday,   March 21 SGUStargate Universe on Syfy at 10 PM ET with “Alliances.”
Tuesday,   March 22 Stargate Universe on SPACE at 10 PM ET with “Alliances.”

no ordinary family cast

Robert Picardo will be guest starring as Vice Principal Nance in tonight’s episode of No Ordinary Family at 8 PM ET on ABC, “No Ordinary Animal.” From TV Guide: “Mrs. X (Lucy Lawless) takes a shot at eliminating the Powells for good by tapping the feral abilities of a beastly super-villain. Meanwhile, Daphne and Chris skip school to attend a Sara Bareilles video shoot; JJ’s tasks for the academic-decathlon team make him suspicious of Mr. Litchfield; and Katie learns shocking news about Joshua.” No Ordinary Family is about “a family that develops superpowers after a plane crash in the Amazon. The patriarch, Jim, discovers he has immense strength, and his wife, Stephanie, is blessed with amazing speed, while their 16-year-old daughter, Daphne, turns telepathic, and their learning-disabled 14-year-old son, JJ, becomes a genius.”

Wednesday,   March 23
Thursday,   March 24 Stargate Universe on Australia’s SciFi at 8:30 PM ET with “Alliances.”
Friday,    March 25
Saturday,   March 26 Beau BridgesBeau Bridges will be participating in the stage reading of the play K2 by Patrick Meyers at the Edison Theater in Mammoth Falls, California, at 7 PM. Tickets are $100. There are other activities including appetizers, drinks, desserts, a raffle, and fundraising, so check out Mammoth Times for more information. Synopsis: “Actors Beau Bridges and his nephew Marcel Lloyd portray two climbers, Harold and Taylor, who are stranded on an icy shelf at 27,000 feet up the world’s second highest mountain. A portion of the ledge crumbles away, they lose some of their gear and they have only one rope left to try and save both their lives.”

Family movie Change of Plans, starring Joe Flanigan, is available for pre-order in both DVD and Blu-ray formats at Release date now set for April 26, 2011. (Thanks to @JennieDreyer and @susanshambaugh for the update!)

Alaina Huffman will be attending the Planet Comicon in Kansas City, Kansas, this weekend. Make sure to visit the website for details.

Sunday,   March 27

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