Stargate Universe: 2.12 "Twin Destinies"

Has Eli found a way for the crew to get home?
Tonight at 10 PM ET on Syfy—and later this week in Canada and Australia—is Stargate Universe episode 2.12 “Twin Destinies,” written by Brad Wright and directed by Peter DeLuise.

Eli has been working on a way to get home, refining the calculations made by the original science team who, on paper, had developed a method to channel the energy from a sun while the Destiny recharged. Dr. Rush determined that the team didn’t have enough information concerning the ship’s condition, so he sabotaged their “experiment,” saving the ship and its crew in the process. Working with Lucian Alliance mathematician Ginn, Eli began to refine the formula to take more solar conditions under consideration. Even after Ginn’s death, Eli continued to make working on this formula a top priority because it was probably the only way that the crew could ever get home.

But, will Dr. Rush detect a problem in the formula and sabotage Eli’s efforts, too? Tune in tonight to find out and make sure to rejoin us here for our episode poll on the front page.

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Eli may have found a way home, but Rush believes the plan could go catastrophically wrong. After experts on Earth decide in favor of Eli’s plan, Rush announces his intention to remain on the ship and calls for volunteers to stay with him.[/spoiler]

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