New Poster for Browder’s "Naught for Hire"

Stargate star Ben Browder appears on the new Naught for Hire poster that was just included on the webseries’ Facebook page, provided below for your viewing pleasure:

Naught for Hire poster featuring Ben Browder

The new image is perhaps a peace offering following the rather teasing message of May 12, when “Naught For Hire” wrote, “Fabian (and others), the admins who talk the most on this page are Jeffrey Berman (the producer and co-writer) and me, John E. Stith, (the other co-writer and author of the original stories). In general, I do all the fake news headlines and Jeffrey does the news updates. We don’t mean to be coy, but there are some significant discussions under way right now that will likely result in a much clearer view of who/what/where/when and we’re eager to share but have to avoid saying anything prematurely. We really do feel some key good news is imminent and it will be posted just as soon as things are official.”

This announcement might have to do with some of the news recently reported by the fansite Naught P.I. Agency in an article on the fact that Naught producer/writer Jeffrey Berman is one of the screenplay writers of the new J.K. Rowling biopic Magic Beyond Words (in which Stargate star Paul McGillion will be portraying Rowling’s father, by the way). They said, “Mr. Berman’s web series Naught for Hire starring Ben Browder is currently in development with Paramount Pictures.” Is it possible that Naught for Hire will be making the move from a web-based series to a television or theatrical production? We’ll have to wait for the official announcement, which apparently is coming soon!


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